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act4ward jottings:-

Act4ward features a live updating process - with content being added or removed on a regular basis. It probably will never be finished - as new stuff appears on a regular basis. Time however is against us, and sometimes updates do not happen as we would like - so anything not covered feel free to ask questions.

act4ward - standards and principles of working with William David & act4ward

From the start William David has been associated with high standards of work and conduct, but also realistic to the aims and personal confidence issues of those  taking part . A vast number of those who do take part come from recommendation of others previously involved.From the start William David has been associated with high standards of work and conduct, but also realistic to the aims and personal confidence issues of those taking part . A vast number of those who do take part come from recommendation of others previously involved.



It is very important to me as the face behind act4ward that my work and my conduct with those I work with is of the highest professional standard.

There are a lot of scams and dubious practice out there waiting to profit from the unwary and as always what seems to be to good to be true often is!

From strict personal guidelines in regard to child protection to commonsense attitudes towards the best interests and safety of young adults  act4ward strives to be the best at what it does, and the high levels of appreciation attained from parents and those taking part reflects this.

act4ward does not charge high rates to make a quick profit.

It does not make wild claims of making it big by working within it.

What it is designed to do if give those with the talent and drive the personal  self confidence to advance be it in training or castings towards their personal goals. Whilst the vast majority of those taking part are or want to be actors and performers, the sessions also work well for those with confidence issues and or special needs relating to autism and associated conditions.

The open series of work is set most usually on time for agreements where the work of act4ward and that of the performer are the same so neither is expected to pay. This is turn allows me to show work and ideas online and they can use images video and audio work within their self promotion without high cost.

This is not the same as free work - and act4ward maintains a strict policy not to work for free where it takes business from a fellow professional photographer etc. All those taking part work for what they get from act4ward.

act4ward believes in a fair payment for work commissioned by act4ward by individual castings and this will be duly stated on the castings or within discussions prior to taking part.

All work of William David unless by contract agreed otherwise [in commision work] has as part of the agreement the understanding that it will be credited to William David/act4ward and watermarks will only be removed upon agreement in writing from William David. In open shoots it is understood that copyright is fully held by act4ward/William David and that work undertaken may be used within the work by any reasonable means ie print, online or display. Some aspects of the work may be excluded from this agreement by mutual agreement.

Act4ward is built on the principle that it's work brief is set according to the aims and wishes of the persons taking part.- however there are no set demands for anyone to include or exclude any reasonable and decent depiction of character or drama . The industry can be demanding of a young actor - this is explained and if appropriate the range of work can take this into account. This may include the use of bad language, depiction of aspects of violence and social issues, partial or actual performance nudity subject to age and character context.

Parents /guardians are always expected to be in attendance with those under  18 and any dramatic work or camera work will be within strict character / context guidelines. This might for example mean shirtless depiction for boys performing within Lord of the Flies if so agreed - but only if all are happy with such depiction. No one working with act4ward under 18 or above will be expected to work at levels they do not wish to work, and under no circumstances does act4ward condone or produce/demand adult material of a pornagrahic style or content.

Where a play or character depiction may demand adult themes - this will be explained to those taking part and justification for it explained. This will always meet appropriate age criteria, and never be demanded but by mutual consent. It is my belief as creator of act4ward that the commonsense approach to what to include and exclude from the work by mutual consent is the strong attraction to being involved.

act4ward is by design informal and friendly with a strict priority to individual rights and code of ethics.

It does however remain realistic to the casting demands to the modern actor and will strive to help those starting out to have the confidence required to achieve success.

Should anyone thinking of taking part have any questions or concerns they should feel free to express them - I want everyone who works with act4ward to remember the experience kindly and fully benefit from it.

Please be aware that William David has full DBS cleared status and a long and trusted reputation working in this sector.

Signed :- William David

[c] act4ward January 2018.

Next planned review of this statement January 2019.


Jonathan Thorp - act4ward photoshoot 2018Jonathan Thorp - act4ward photoshoot 2018

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