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From:- William David

act4ward jottings:-

Act4ward features a live updating process - with content being added or removed on a regular basis. It probably will never be finished - as new stuff appears on a regular basis. Time however is against us, and sometimes updates do not happen as we would like - so anything not covered feel free to ask questions.

act4ward uk

       with confidence comes progress

Welcome to act4ward UK - from William David

act4ward works in conjunction with The Halfling project - but is separate from it in as far as those working with act4ward do not have to have worked on The Halfling project. Act4ward uses a combination of discussion and practical work with a dramatic performance theme. It's aim is not to teach drama but to encourage those with the interest to have the confidence to advance into training, be it at school, or after - to go to [and get] castings and to advance in personal confidence & development. 

Those who wish to enter the performance industry professionally will be encouraged

Each participant has work set for their needs and advancement. Drama is a great way of "letting go" building up personal confidence and inner understanding of why they think as they do, are as they are and how they perceived by others.

Early work will often be one to one subject to age and parental consent . Parents of those under 16 are encouraged to take an active part - although there is no objection to parental attendance if desired after this.

The key age range's for act4ward work is 10-16- 15-18 and 18-25.

Participants may also nominate friends or partners to be there for support or to take part in joint activities.

Most work is at "The Station" and surrounding locations - group work is at a larger location close by.

act4ward uses photography, video and audio to record the work, and provides advice and practical help as we go.

The whole venture is set to be informal and friendly, with William David.

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AY - Act4ward Youth 16+



Content Rating for this website.

Parental discretion advised for those under 16.

This website reflects modern [and historic] acting and performance.

Some work may include levels of swearing nudity' depicted violence and sexual references.

No work will be any worse than an average night on Channel 4 or BBC 3 online.

William David has a strict policy of commonsense and decency - but whose work must at times reflect modern drama and performance demands.

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