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act4ward jottings:-

Act4ward features a live updating process - with content being added or removed on a regular basis. It probably will never be finished - as new stuff appears on a regular basis. Time however is against us, and sometimes updates do not happen as we would like - so anything not covered feel free to ask questions.

What's happening at WildVen & beyond -               The NEWS SECTION

So after nearly a year I am going for an update at act4ward online. This not only includes this website - but also a total review of social media and web presence.

Much of my activity so far this year has related to THe Halfling project, and that tends not to be covered in detail online - giving the [false] impression that not much is happening.

Believe me there's always something happening.

It's going to take time for all this updating to filter through - so please be patient and feel free to contact me directly if you want to check anything or have a chat


Dave - 14th July 2017 


September 14th 2017

Sorry to report that Sonnyboy Skelton who has worked hard with me during the summer, and whose work illustrates much of this website has decided not to continue the work with act4ward. I am really sorry to see him and his family leave and wish them all well for the future.

November 5th 2017.

Great to have John Thorp back at the station, and he is set to become one of the regular faces illustrating act4ward and working with me..

Luke Blackmore is also part of the team as is James De and Craig Bowen.


January 1st 2018

Happy New Year. 

So here we go - a new year and one where I hope act4ward pushes forward.

The Halfling Project office has now been located outside the station, and that in turn will give me a bit more room to work on act4ward practical work

The aim is to build up more video and audio only work this year.

The main work is 16+ but more about that at a later point.

I want to keep long term contributors to a small number and at this point could really do with two more 15-  and also add female performers to support the work too.

Single day events are always open upon application.


January 15th 2018

Well - more updating is happening - really sorry about it's slow progress there is a lot going on at the moment and time for online work is limited.

I am however trying to update the act4ward website and build it up before promoting it . 

I am also in the process of changing social media, and getting ready to work more on act4ward from February 2018.

A few random images has appeared here in the gallery - this will be updated and then organised.

A video gallery will follow, thus in time everything act4ward will be here and not split onto various share sites.

Again only open work will ever be displayed.

On the look out for new young actors /performers to get involved - if your interested just get in touch.

You don't ofcourse have to be an actor to take part and you won't be forced to become one.

If for example your a sportsman then any work would be adjusted to reflect this.

The whole concept of act4ward is it is adaptable and flexible by design. 


February 29th 2018

I am pleased to report that act4ward is building up well - and the time has come to nail it's "colours to the mast" for Spring/summer 2018.

This is covered in a separate article - Moving forward Spring 2018 

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