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Act4ward features a live updating process - with content being added or removed on a regular basis. It probably will never be finished - as new stuff appears on a regular basis. Time however is against us, and sometimes updates do not happen as we would like - so anything not covered feel free to ask questions.

           Growing up is hard to do - the old song says - and when it comes to child performers this is often true.



It's a sad fact that many very talented child actors fall by the wayside when they leave school/reach 16.

16- 18 is one of the most vulnerable times for a performer who wishes to make a career of acting.

This is why I feel 16+ intensive is such an important venture within act4ward.

There are many reasons for this - agents who want to keep the actor in young roles as long as possible, parents who want them to concentrate on "their Future" with education and exams.

The performer himself/herself who may begin relationships and have no time for casting or learning lines.

Then there's income support, the need to have a job or be in education to satisfy Government - the list is long.

And thats just a brief outline!

Changing from child work to youth/adult work is both challenging and daunting.

Support at this stage is vital, even if it's simply encouragement.

If you have the resolve there are people out there who will help you through your struggle - but finding them can be hard.

I understand the problems faced here, having seen many move forward and sadly many leave acting behind.

If you want to fight for your acting 16+ may well help - even just a chat about it all  may help.

Don't just give up - fight for what you want....


Good Luck!.

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